Sensory analytical research are performed by specialized and constantly monitored expert panel. The results of our work provide a lot of comprehensive and detailed informations about many aspects of the sensory quality of the tested samples and they are helpful in production and sensory research.

Our evaluations help in:

- Preparation of the new products;
- Optimization of the formulas;
- Monitoring products over time;
- Checking if changes of formulas or the technology process have an influence on the sensory quality of the product;
- Comparing the product to competitive products;
- Comparing several versions of new product with each other etc.

         Sensory analysis are conducted by trained sensory experts using the following methods.

Difference tests

- triangle test;
- duo-trio test;
- "2 out of 5";
- paired tests;
- multicomparison tests;
- ranking tests;
- A not A;

Quantitative methods

- scaling methods;

Quantitative descriptive analysis

- profiling by consensus;
- quantitative flavor profiling (QFP);
- texture profiling;
- conventional profiling (QDA);
- SPECTRUM profiling;

Time-Intensity tests

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